In case you thought Justin Bieber's sexy and shirtless Men's Health cover was more of an illusion -- or, you know, some serious photo editing -- JB is here to shoot those rumors down.

In a behind-the-scenes vid from the magazine (which you can feast your eyes on above), the Biebs addressed Photoshop rumors with an impish grin on his face.

"It's not Photoshopped," he smiled mischievously, pointing at the camera. "…For all you fools out there saying it's Photoshopped."

That's right: All of that drool-worthy muscle is legit -- and the "Home to Mama" singer worked (werked?) for it.

"I love the fact that I got in shape the past two years, and I'm finally getting recognition for it," he revealed in the vid, clearly proud to be on the cover of the iconic magazine.

Of course, it was kind of necessary for the Biebs to preemptively bring up the subject of Photoshop -- after all, the rumors of photo editing plagued him heavily during the release of his super steamy Calvin Klein ads. Fortunately for the world (or at least Beliebers dying to know this type of information) the singer's trainer straight-up revealed that his client is "well-endowed."

To recap: Justin is rather, shall we say, "bulge-y" in both the muscle department and the, uh… other department.

Beliebers, go behind the scenes of JB's Men's Health photo shoot in the video above.

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