Someone hit the lights so we don't have to see these! Holiday wax figures of Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber were revealed in New York City, and to call them an injustice would be an understatement.

MTV reports that Madame Tussaud's, a tourist staple in the city that never sleeps, unveiled the holiday figures -- but the replicas look more suited for a night of monster mashing than kissing under the mistletoe. The normally gorgeous Gomez looks inexplicably evil -- is it the side eye? The heavily arched brows? The crossed arms? There's just way too much going wrong here.

Meanwhile, her baby-mama-beleaguered beau has his own problems. The Biebs looks less teen heartthrob and more Eddie Munster.

While we appreciate the hard work that goes into sculpting, these are so far off that they're barely recognizable. And though the holiday theme is sweet, they may want to save these for a different, more appropriate holiday. Like, say, Halloween?