Justin Bieber has plenty of troubles of his own, but was it he who caused Selena Gomez to embark on a hush hush two-week trip to rehab?

Despite her rep saying that Gomez did not seek treatment for substance abuse, there are loads of rumors to the contrary. Sources are claiming that the those close to the singer and actress, who has cultivated a squeaky clean public image that rivals that of her BFF Taylor Swift, blame her on-off ex Bieber for her troubles.

Contrary to what Gomez's rep said, insiders suggest that she was treated for a combination of abuse issues, ranging from alcohol to pot to prescription drugs. She is said to have an Ambien problem. The drug is a potent sleep aid.

The sources also said that her biggest addiction is Bieber and he is the reason that she had access to some of the substances she abused. She was exposed to the stuff by hanging out with the Biebs and his crew.

Gomez's team was allegedly incensed upon finding out she and Bieber were hanging out. They saw the photos of the duo on Segways, and a few days later she was in rehab. So she wasn't gallivanting all over Cali with the Biebs; she was in Arizona seeking help.

TMZ reports that Gomez is not receiving outpatient care, nor is she in therapy. That leads us to beg the question: How serious are Sel's issues?

Two weeks is not enough time to cure a serious substance abuse issue. So it's likely that Sel's problem was not out of control, and perhaps she needed private time away from Bieber to gather her strength and learn how to deal with a tendency.