With Justin Bieber now a free man after his Miami arrest on Thursday, Jan. 23, attention has turned back to Egg Gate.

He is being investigated for egging his neighbor's house and causing several thousands in damage. Cops raided his house, took his phone and are looking for proof he is indeed the culprit.

Turns out that the skateboard ramp at his house may hold the evidence the authorities need.

Bieber pal Lil Za, who was arrested in the drug raid, was spray painting the ramp, tagging it with Free Biebs-like messages. Don't roll your eyes too much at the "Free Biebs" campaign.

TMZ points out that it looks like there is egg splatter on the ramp, something a source with inside info confirmed. What else could that substance be? Wait, don't answer that...

A source said that Da Biebs and his pals were getting high in the backyard before they decided to go egg tossing. They got in a practice and a warm up round by throwing eggs at one another, with many cracking on the ramp. They then decided to attack the neighbor's crib.

It would stand to reason that they were high, messing around and decided to go on the offensive with the eggs, as opposed to just attacking the neighbor's house on a cold, unprovoked whim.

Cops didn't pay much attention to the ramp when they raided the home. Perhaps they should have?

They may be one step closer to cracking the case. Thanks, we'll be here all week.