Actor Justin Long and his brother, Christian, believe that they have contracted the coronavirus (COVID-19), but they are unable to get tested.

Justin and Christian shared their story on an episode of the Life Is Short With Justin Long podcast that was posted on March 23. They explained that Christian's girlfriend, Maggie, came back home from a work trip and developed symptoms of COVID-19. They also shared that they have all been self-quarantining for the last fourteen days.

“We should tell everyone that you might actually have corona," Justin told his little brother. "You think you do, I might have it as well."

“I do have it, and I think Justin has it as well," Christian responded. "We’re not just being paranoid.”

The brothers explained that a couple of days after Maggie came back home, she became extremely sick. Her symptoms included a dry cough, fever and "all the things" that are COVID-19 symptoms. She is now on the twelfth day since falling ill and her temperature has returned to normal.

"She seems to be doing a lot better," Christian added.

The duo also shared that their "mild symptoms" manifested a couple of days after Maggie came down with the exact same symptoms.

Justin shared that he felt "achiness, some nausea, headaches and then the tightness in the chest." He told his listeners that "the strangest thing happened," too: Maggie and Christian lost their sense of smell and taste, which is a classic symptom of the coronavirus.

Christian explained to listeners that they aren't a high enough risk to be able to get tested due to the shortage of available tests. Christian and Justin don't fall into the high-risk category, which includes the elderly, immunocompromised or those with severe symptoms.

The brothers quipped that they had "corona-light," noting that they don't know how to joke about the pandemic. They revealed that they will remain quarantined but are worried for the health and safety of their parents.

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