20 songs in 20 days? That's a whole lot of music! So is that where Justin Timberlake got the title of his album 'The 20/20 Experience'? Actually no! Timberlake joked with Ryan Seacrest, "I wish I was that smart." JT was playing some of  his new tunes for  his best friend who remarked, "This is music you can see," and just like that, 'The 20/20 Experience' was born.

He also revealed that the lyric video for 'Suit & Tie' is actually part of a documentary about the making of the album, which he plans on putting out later this year.

Timberlake also talked planning his wedding with wife Jessica Biel. His role? He was the total 'yes man' saying "Whatever you want, honey," at every turn of the way. A man who knows his role!

So will we know more about 'The 20/20 Experience' following JT's Grammy performance? He was pretty vague saying he's in the process of getting his act together (literally) for the big award show on Sunday Feb. 9, but he did say that we will hear some things we haven't previously. He did say he was excited to get back on the stage because he hasn't been there in awhile. Does your performance at the Super Bowl not count, JT?

Watch Justin Timberlake's Lyric Video for 'Suit & Tie'

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