It was the reaction seen around the world: when a fan gave Justin Timberlake the bird during his November concert in Philadelphia, he took the rude gesture in stride, teasing the fan for the provocative, attention-grabbing incident. We saw JT's take on the story, and now the offender is coming clean about her decision to give her idol the one-finger salute.

The fan in question, Amy Reed, called into SoJO 104.9 to better explain herself, saying: "So, we gave him the finger and he was talking, and he was like, 'Why are you flipping me off?'" Reed recalled. "And we're like, 'We love you!'"

If you're sitting there wondering how that makes any sense, don't worry, the DJ was confused, too. When the radio host asked Reed why she would flip the singer off, the fan was honest. "It was me and my friend Kaitlin, we were trying to get his attention… and we did," she said, laughing.

A weird -- not to mention downright rude -- way to go about it, but the gesture gave Reed what she and her friend were looking for.

"Justin Timberlake talked to us. We did it in good fun, it was just to get his attention. … We're his number one fans."

Hmmm. We have to agree with JT on this one: the fans were in second row. They didn't need to offend him to get his attention. Just dancing, singing, and smiling would have sufficed.