Kanye West is an interesting dude. He began his career as a producer for Roc-A-Fella Records and released his smash debut album 'The College Dropout' in 2004. Soon the young rapper from Chicago had the hip-hop world and then some in his hands.

Fans always knew Mr. West was cocky, but lately his ego has gone into overdrive, making the controversial rapper a caricature of himself.

There's no denying that he is an immensely talented guy, but his wacky behavior is a little over the top sometimes. With Yeezy taking himself a bit too seriously, we thought we could add some levity to his life ... in GIFs, of course!

Kanye reportedly worked with Daft Punk on his upcoming album, so what does he think of 'Random Access Memories'?

No one ever said Kanye didn't know how to get shiz cray, did they?

Kanye's feelings on Ray-J's song 'I Hit It First.'

And what about when Yeezy saw the video for said Ray-J track?

Tell us, who is your favorite rapper of all time?

Okay, someone other than yourself that you consider great...

*Sigh* Really? Not even a close friend whose name rhymes with Dawn Barter? *cough* Jay-Z *cough*

We'd guess these are Kanye's watered down feelings on the paparazzi.

Taylor Swift is probably still waiting for Kanye to say one word to her...

Alright, enough with the drama. Finally, let's just laugh at GIFs of Yeezy with googly eyes.