Kanye West's brand, Yeezy, is suing a former intern for $500,000.

On Friday (January 15), The Hollywood Reporter reported that the clothing brand is suing Ryan Inwards, a former intern at Yeezy, after Inwards allegedly shared confidential photos on his personal Instagram account. He interned at the company from February 2020 through summer 2020.

The company filed a complaint in Los Angeles County Superior Court. The documents claim that the company sent Inwards multiple cease and desist letters but he continued to "publicly post Unauthorized Materials on social media sites."

According to People, Yeezy is seeking punitive damages along with $500,000 for breach of contract. The company claims that he acted maliciously.

Inwards signed an NDA that included a liquidated damages provision for $500,000. When Inwards signed the legal document, he agreed that he would not share confidential information about the company via social media.

In addition to the damages, the company is also seeking an injunction that will not allow Inwards to share similar posts on social media in the future, as well as require he turn over any nonpublic images he took during his time working at Yeezy.

An Instagram account with Inwards' name currently has zero posts.

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