So there's a good reason that Katy Perry skipped the People's Choice Awards ceremony on Wednesday, Jan. 11. The singer was reportedly filming an Adidas commercial.

The It's Just Roxie Tumblr posted a photo of Perry with a Smurf-blue hair (appropriate for the woman who voiced Smurfette in the film version) and wearing a loud and proud, satin patriotic jacket with stars, stripes in the same electric blue hue as her hair. The jacket is quite All-American and cheerleader-like. The Tumblr post states that a friend's relative worked on the commercial and even states that Perry probably wore a wig to her divorce hearing to cover the bright blue locks.

Whether or not that's the case doesn't matter. Perry is one of the few pop stars who can pull off such bright hair. It's also like the millionth time she's swapped hues in the past several months, which certainly isn't good for hair's health. She does look super cute, though. Maybe she dyed her hair blue to match her mood since splitting from Russell Brand at the tail end of 2011. Or perhaps she was paying homage to Blue Ivy? We kid about the latter party. Maybe Katy Perry just likes blue hair.

Nevertheless, PopCrush can't wait to see the Adidas commercial.