What's louder: The applause of a Little Monster or a KatyCat's deafening roar? We're about to find out.

To celebrate summer's long-awaited arrival, we're asking PopCrush readers to help us crown an official Beach Babe and Beach Hunk through a series of head-to-head competitions. If you thought the talent at the neighborhood public pool was noteworthy, you ain't seen nothin' yet.

In the first round of PopCrush's string of showdowns, Lady Gaga steamrolled over opponent Kylie Jenner, and racked up 81.61 percent of the vote in the process. Let this serve as a lesson, friends: Object work will always get you ahead in life. Were Gaga not leaning against the curve of a palm tree in the green two-piece featured above, who's to say for sure whether she'd have come out on top!

And there was no close call for Katy, either, who KO'd the beachy Beyonce with a one-two punch that earned 2015's Super Bowl headline performer two-thirds of the vote. Beyonce may be flawless, but for now, she's been thrown overboard, and Captain Katy will dutifully carry on without her.

So, will Gaga's aura wash over you, and convince you to cast a vote in her favor, or is your support for Katy simply unconditional? Be sure to cast your vote before July 21 at 5:00 PM, and check back soon after to see which pop princess will move to face either Rihanna or Taylor Swift in competition's final round!


Beach Babes of 2015

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