Look, Lady Gaga's long-awaited new single, "Perfect Illusion," is mere days away now from being unleashed upon the public — hours, really. And as a result, everyone's got a bad craving for Mother Monster's next serving. (Having trouble keeping up with all the news? Here's everything we know about #LG5 so far.)

As you might have already seen, there are plenty of Little Monsters masquerading as soccer moms on Twitter to try and squeeze the new single out of radio DJs around the nation, which is, admittedly, some amazing trollery. But did you know Lorde, Pure Heroine Alt-Pop Princess, might very well be among one of those soccer moms?

Okay, that's probably not true at all — but it's also not entirely impossible.

Last night, Lorde went into Monster stan mode: "about to vomit with excitement," she tweeted to Gaga and producer BloodPop. (Funny enough, Gaga might just have a job for her on the road if vomiting is really her thing.)

And she wasn't the only famous one shaking and crying about it: Katy Perry, Queen of "Rise"-ing, "liked" the tweet, all but confirming that she too is glued to Twitter and refreshing the GagaDaily forums like mad.

What's next? Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton begging Gaga for a RT and making #BuyPerfectIllusionOniTunes the new campaign slogan? Probably that, yes.

See the Katy Perry-endorsed stan tweet below.

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