Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the hottest woman of them all? Well, if you consult Men's Health and the magazine's list of Hottest Women of 2013, you'll find that Katy Perry has been christened with that high honor. Congrats, Katy! You're scorching, a towering inferno of hotness.

Rather than simply point out that her peers Beyonce, Rihanna and Taylor Swift also made this list, and extolling the virtues of why they were chosen, since we already know that they are hot and talented, let's play a little game of association, shall we? Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon-style!

Perry, worshipped by men for her curvy figure, her insanely perky twins and her ability to laugh at herself, is currently being squired by that reformed cad known as John Mayer.

Mayer was a lothario with a big mouth, who wasn't afraid to publicly accuse an ex of "cheap songwriting" (Swift) to call one "sexual napalm" (Jessica Simpson) or to chastise another for being behind the digital media times for not tweeting (Jennifer Aniston).

Both Swift and Aniston made the list, as did Perry, obviously. Simpson did not make the list, but she was pregnant in 2012 and will be for much of 2013, limiting her ability to parade around in skimpy, super sexy outfits all the live long day.

But isn't it amazing that Mayer dated three women on the list, and one who could veritably have been on it? What's that guy got, ladies?

Congrats to the 'Wide Awake' singer and ex-wife of Russell Brand for being recognized for her innate sexiness. We're surprise RiRi didn't take the top slot based on the sheer volume of topless photos she Instagrams in a single day.

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