Katy Perry and Robert Pattinson have been spending quite a bit of time together, and we're starting to think that it's not just to comfort each other from their respective breakups. The 'Part of Me' songstress and actor were spotted (once again!), at a Bjork concert together in Los Angeles on Saturday night.

According to the X17, the pair arrived separately, but entered the venue together. Then they left apart from each other -- maybe to throw off the scent of coupledom they are severely releasing into the atmosphere? We think so!

A source reportedly said, "They parked and then met at the door and went inside together." They continued, "Katy came out the back door by herself, trying not to be noticed. She was looking around to see if there were any photographers. She definitely didn't want to be shot with Rob." Why so camera shy, guys? Maybe they are dating. Or maybe they aren't and Katy and R. Patz don't want to kill their chances with any other romantic partners? Certainly both plausible explanations!

Though we're somewhat inclined to believe that they are seeing each other as more than friends. Katy reportedly considers Robert "The One," and they were seen watching a wedding rehearsal together. Maybe we'll all be keeping an eye out for their nuptials down the road!