Fans, next time you see Katy Perry, you might want to think twice about taking out your cellphone and trying to grab a selfie with the pop superstar.

Perry, who attended the Harper Bazaar's private pool party at Coachella last night, tweeted this to her fans:

Katy Perry Selfie Tweet

So what inspired Perry to call out taking photo selfies?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, a fan handed Perry her photo and asked the singer to take a solo selfie, to which she initially refused. The site claims that Perry gave her reasons as to why she didn't want to take a selfie but later relented when the partygoer agreed to be in the photo as well.

She then took to Twitter to post the above tweet to her fans.

It's been reported this week that a study has shown that selfies indicate a pattern of narcissism and mental illness, so perhaps Perry is looking out for her fans' best interests?