Taylor Swift's Reputation tour kicks off tonight (May 8) in Phoenix, AZ, and the pop star took to her Instagram story to express her excitement and geek out during Charli XCX's sound check. While that by itself is enough to make Swifties hyperventilate, the video she posted just after is even more exciting.

Swift's old friend turned inspiration for "Bad Blood" Katy Perry sent the singer an actual olive branch, which famously is known as a symbol of peace and/or reconciliation.

"So I just got to my dressing room and found this actual olive branch. This means so much to me," Swift says in the video, which is captioned "Thank you Katy" with a heart emoji.


The video also reveals a handwritten letter. ET did some sleuthing and believe the note is an apology that reads:

"Hey old friend, I've been doing some reflecting on past miscommunications and the feelings between us, I really want to clear the air. I'm deeply sorry for... "

The rest is covered by the envelope, but it looks like this long-going feud may finally be coming to an end, and both Taylor Swift and Katy Perry fans can be relieved for that!


50 Shades of Celebrity Feuds

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