Katy Cats, the wait is over! Katy Perry dropped her 'This Is How We Do' video today (July 31), and it is just as bold, colorful and juicy as you'd expect. (This is Katy Perry, after all!)

Because it is basically impossible for the singer to have a music video where she doesn't have multiple costume changes, Perry dons outfit after outfit (and personality after personality) in the fun vid, channeling everyone from the elegant Coco Chanel bathing in a tub of pearls to a funky, '60s-style mod girl. In fact, Perry's frequent costume changes are one of our favorite things about her (and this video), keeping us on our toes and delivering something fresh, every time.

Like 'Roar' and 'Firework,' 'This Is How We Do' is totally anthemic, and the empowering, upbeat track is all about owning your decisions and being proud of your hobbies -- even if they do involve dancing fruit, pizza earrings and fanning yourself with a watermelon, as Perry does throughout the vid. We love it!

Check out Katy Perry's 'This Is How We Do' video above!

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