It was another edition of Mean Tweets on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' last night (Oct. 9). In honor of Kanye West's monumental visit, after his Twitter battle with Kimmel, the show launched the music edition of the Mean Tweets skit, which found plenty of pop stars -- Kesha, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato and more -- reading mean tweets about themselves, dished out by regular ol' Twitter users.

The one thing we learned besides the fact that some celebs have senses of humor about themselves? That there are seriously mean peeps in the Twitterverse, hiding their identities behind vicious 140-character transmissions.

Gomez gets hated on and Lovato's name is totally screwed up, and it elicits a miffed look from her. Kesha gets called a very mean thing. Her reaction is priceless, though! All in good fun.

John Legend is called a post-sex crier, while Adam Levine gets dimed out for being old. John Mayer's comment is hysterical, since it's so descriptive. We can't even! We won't give it away, either.

The Backstreet Boys, Big Sean and Katy Perry also get clowned on in the space of 140-characters.

The best of the bunch are Lil Wayne's crabapple and 2 Chainz -- you'll see why.