After writing Chris Brown's Grammy-nominated single 'Deuces,' 'No B.S.' and 'Strip,' Kevin McCall is ready to shine on the solo tip. The multi-talented artist released 'Naked' on Monday (April 16) and the song could have his female fans dancing out of their clothes.

The bouncy electro track kicks off with salicious verse from Big Sean. "You know you like it with your face in the pillow / Wreck the hotel / Thank god for incidentals," he quickly spits.

Then Kevin McCall takes over with his vocals aimed to seducing the ladies at the club. "Let me touch ya, let me feel on ya / Keep it sexy with your heels on," he sings.

'Naked' is a slight improvement from McCall's other club-oriented song 'Gucci,' in which he sing-raps about the same thing -- chasing after hot girls in the club. Despite 'Naked' being lyrically lackluster, it's still a slick tune for the dance floors.

McCall recently shot a video for the song with Chris Brown in the director's chair. According to Singersroom, the clip was shot in Los Angeles and features McCall and Big Sean at a fashion show surrounded by a bevy of sexy models.

No word if McCall or the ladies appeared naked in the video. But you'll never know with Breezy behind the camera lens.

Listen to Kevin McCall, 'Naked' Featuring Big Sean