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'Kidz Bop Karen' Goes Road Rage Viral

A woman the internet has dubbed "Kidz Bop Karen" went viral online following a bizarre road rage incident that was captured on video. The mother argued with a ride share driver and his passenger after getting cut off in traffic, but when the passenger suggested the woman lower her voice as the woman's children could likely hear her swearing, "Karen" retorted that her kids couldn't hear them because they were listening to Kidz Bop. In the wake of the viral encounter, "Karen" reportedly wants to apologize to the other driver. (via TMZ)

Auto Legend Killed in Crash

39 -year-old Jessi Combs, the “fastest woman on four wheels," died tragically in August after trying to break her own land speed record. The incident occurred in a jet-powered land speed car in Oregon's Alvord Desert. Investigators concluded that the fatal crash was caused by a mechanical failure in the vehicle. The front wheel failed and she was moving too fast to recover the vehicle. An official release reports that Combs officially died from blunt force trauma. (via Cosmo)

Get Rid of Your Free Time!

Start setting your goal for the New Year now and essentially take back the time you spend doing unnecessary activities. Take back 30 minutes of your free time and replace it with something productive. Use that time to work on something that will make your life better and more meaningful in the long run. Some examples that can help inspire you include starting a business, begining a side hustle, learning a new language, gaining a new skill or getting in shape. (via Inc)

Chicken Sandwich Chaos 

People all over the country are fighting to try the infamous Popeyes chicken sandwich, and one man was even killed in the chaos. A 28-year-old man got into an altercation that led to his stabbing death by another man in line at Popeyes. Investigations are still ongoing. (via TMZ)

Is 'Self-Partnered- the New Single?

In a new interview with British Vogue, actress Emma Watson described herself not as single but "self-partnered." She also talked about the stress and anxiety she faces while approaching her 30th birthday because she is not living the traditional life of being married with kids. But Watson specified that just because she says she is "self-partnered" doesn't mean she's not out there dating. (via PopCrush)

Another Reason to Like Trader Joe's

A Trader Joe's employee revealed recently that most locations have a stuffed animal hidden somewhere throughout the store and that if a child finds the toy, they will receive a prize. The sweet activity was also confirmed by a public relations director at the supermarket chain. Have fun searching! (via People)

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