Oh to be talented, beautiful, and wealthy beyond belief and yet not be so embedded in a world where Kardashian-related news is unavoidably omnipresent in one's daily life!

On Friday night, Marie Antoinette star Kirsten Dunst appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to play a thrilling game of "Catchphrase" along with The Roots' member Tariq Trotter, Will Smith, and Fallon himself, where the actress—much to the amused screams of the audience—had absolutely, positively no idea who or what a Saint West was. (Perhaps she was still in a 1700s headspace from her role as the infamous French queen?)

After picking up a card that read "Saint West," for which Dunst was supposed to give hints to Fallon in order to have her teammate guess what was on the card, the befuddled actress furrowed her lovely blonde brow and pondered aloud, "What is that?" After a wonderful moment of pure ignorant bliss and audience laughter, Dunst tossed the card aside and selected another. If only.

Meanwhile, Smith, playing on Trotter's team, potentially confused Chewbacca for Darth Vader when he, acting out a card that read "Darth Vader," simply exclaimed and subsequently growled, "Star Wars! Grrrrr!"

For a guy who has starred in at least three major sci-fi films (Independence Day, Men In Black, and After Earth), you'd think he'd know that the signature Vader sound is much more like that of an asthmatic Mufasa vibe than, say, Godzilla.

In any event, Smith did do an adorable job of relaying his "Bel Air" card—"Me and Carlton were from there!"—so we'll forgive him.

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