Sex and the City actress Kristin Davis, an ambassador to refugee camps in Central Africa, broke down in tears during a TMZ interview over the notion that Donald Trump's immigration ban has killed the dreams and futures of many people across the world who need help.

Davis, who last visited a refugee camp in December, said most people were still struggling with finding their next meals or preparing for the hardship of winter, and weren't completely aware of Trump's plans. Still, she said, they remained so hopeful about better futures in America.

"Mostly everyone just thinks America is wonderful and in their wildest, wildest dreams they would get to come here," she said before breaking down. "And it makes me said to think that that could change."

"I love America," she added. "I don't want people to think we're not kind people."

Davis said it's important people stay informed, and understand that refugees are not enemies.

"I'm worried — very, very worried, very upset," Davis said. "[Refugees] are the victims. I don't think we should be blaming them, but I have hope that the checks and balances in our government can step forward and rectify the situation...I think that everybody standing up is inspiring."

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