After finally admitting that yes, the newfound plumpness to her lips is the result of lip fillersKylie Jenner has become something of a beauty guru among her legions of teenage fans. Thankfully for them, she recently detailed her makeup routine to the New York Times so you, too, may purchase the very same Kiehl's avocado eye treatment the 18-year-old uses to ensure the thin skin there doesn't wrinkle prematurely.

After subtly mentioning her sister Kendall’s past battle with acne (“My sister Kendall had really bad acne when she was younger, and she really cleared it up”), Kylie revealed that she goes to her family dermatologist to keep her skin soft and supple. Kardashian-Jenner secrets!

Kylie also claims the makeup you see her sporting in her Instagram photos (and also in her daily Snapchats) is abnormally heavy from what she wears on a daily basis: "If I’m going to see people, I won’t wear heavy makeup. It’s not attractive on me. When you see those pictures on my Instagram, they are usually for when I’m doing a photo shoot or an interview. Every time I get my makeup professionally done, I take a photo.”

Demonstrating her propensity for frugality, Kylie says she purchases the majority of her false lashes at CVS. This might sound fake, but she’s claimed the same thing since at least March of this year, so it's clearly very real.

The most revealing part of her beauty routine is in her continued use of lip fillers. She admits, “I still do Juvederm for my lips. I go to Dr. Ourian in Beverly Hills. He’s the best, and he’s super natural about it. I was going to somebody before, and it was just looking crazy. I would recommend that anyone who gets it done go for a filler that lasts only two to four months. It’s annoying to keep going back, but you have the option of stopping it."

You can check out the full description of all the products Kylie uses on her face and elsewhere (she doesn't like perfumes, but will sometimes wear a fragrance by Victoria's Secret, proving that no matter their background, no teenager can resist the allure of a cheap Coconut Passion spray) over at the New York Times.

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