Kylie Jenner has found a hobby in experimenting with her hair, with her latest move including a rich blue — a bold move and color, since big sis Kim Kardashian’s wedding is less than two weeks away.

The youngest member of the Jenner-Kardashian clan has been changing up her hair all year, starting off with the dramatic cut from long hair to cute bob. It wasn’t long after that that she started dying the ends, trying out a subtle dark-to-light brown fade before going for a full-on dramatic ombre.

Maybe when Kylie started adding chunks of blue-green to her hair last month she was easing her way into the world of vibrant hair colors. Whatever the case, she’s made the plunge. Earlier this week the 16-year-old committed to color, dying nearly her whole head of hair a bright, bold blue.

It looks awesome, and definitely fits her this-side-of-edgy style, but how will it fit in among the formal décor of Kim and Kanye West’s wedding? It won’t blend into the background of their family photos, that’s for sure.

All ‘something blue’ wedding jokes aside, it is Kim’s big day, so hopefully there are no hard feelings if the bride-to-be requests a hair change!

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