Going to the doctor sucks, but if you go to see the doctor because of a trampoline incident, well, then, that's the best reason, since it means you were having fun.

Kylie Jenner, 16, apparently had a jumping war with big sis Khloe Kardashian and ended up needing to seek medical attention.

Judging from the comments on social media, the only thing that was hurt was Kylie's feelings. She wasn't seriously injured in the trampoline hijinks.

Jenner Instagrammed a picture of herself, holding her face, covering her eye and showing off her manicure while at the doc, captioning it: "in the hospital thanks to @khloekardashian. (Look at her page for the reason why ) my mom said "never thought I would take u to the doctor for a trampoline accident at this age) this means war Khloe. Ps. It was painful taking this photo."

We're not sure exactly what happened, but then we checked Khloe's page and pieced together some information. It looks like the sisters had some rough and bouncy fun.

Khloe shared a photo, which she captioned: "This started out calm and ended in a war! Sorry." It looks like Khloe swept the leg and like they were amateur MMA fighters, albeit cute ones.

That's certainly a fun war.

Khloe, who is in the middle of divorcing hubby Lamar Odom, also shared a photo of herself and her big sis Kim on the trampoline, writing: "Lady and the tramp..... You pick who's who." Ooh, burn! But seriously. Kim and Khloe, can we come over and play on your giant trampoline? We'll be riiiight over.