Kylie Jenner’s lip kits aren’t just good for your face, they’re good for the American economy. The lip kits are created in a California factory by real human people who needed jobs, so King Kylie gave them jobs. Such is the gift of her beauty empire.

Imagine our surprise, then, when the employees working at Spatz Laboratories posted complaints about the workplace on Indeed, referring to their working conditions as “sweat shop”-like and saying “the make up particles made me cough and sick.”

One review from February 2016 complained of the “early morning shifts” and “long hours,” also noting that the job provided “no benefits," a claim that ignores the times Kylie has graced employees with her presence.

Another review from January 2016 also complained about the low pay and lack of benefits but made the additional point that there are “to[o] many alpha female workers in the building” which made the former employee “very uncomfortable.”

A mixed review, meanwhile, was a bit more diplomatic in its criticism, saying “management was very nice, understanding and helpful” but “a lack of equipment” made it difficult to complete the order amounts. This is unsurprising for anyone who has ever tried to order a lip kit -- the demand is outrageously high.

Kylie has yet to comment on the reviews, but Spatz Laboratories released a statement refuting claims of unfair wages or labor. Read part of their statement below:

Spatz Laboratories is an equal opportunity employer that is committed to ensuring compliance of all federal and state laws as they apply to the fair treatment and the safe work environment of its team members. This includes but is not limited to all Wage and Hour, Fair Labor Standards, Worker’s Compensation and OSHA regulations. We take pride in the fact that as a company we have had significant success in developing team members and provide them with long term careers if they choose.”

The ownership and management of this company takes the health, well being and success of our employees very seriously and always committed to upholding the highest standards.

Have you, as a disgruntled former employee, ever left your company a negative review online? Did it make you feel better? Will you ignore these reviews because Kylie's lip kits are so pigmented and smooth that you can't be bothered to care about the human element involved in their creation? Let us know your thoughts on this and all things Kylie and konsumerism in the komments below.

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