Like so many non-serial killer before her, Kylie Jenner harbors a deep affection for animals. She's demonstrated this time and again with her continued adoption of tiny puppies, successfully amassing a pack of dogs so vast it could act as a small, protective army, if only they were trained in such a way.

So it is that Kylie has thrown yet another furry friend into the mix -- this time it's a husky puppy who has already experienced the cold isolation that stems from being the newest addition to an already establish group. Kylie offered proof of this on Snapchat yesterday (December 11) with the saddest video ever. None of the other dogs would play with him:


Kylie's new friend has, however, been showered with affection from his human family members -- Khloe Kardashian is apparently a big fan of the seemingly unnamed puppy and Kylie documented their interaction for all the world to see, as is her way.

Kylie's new puppy comes just weeks after the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star had to cancel an appearance at the 2016 American Music Awards to tend to her two Italian greyhounds, Norman and Bambi -- the latter of which gave birth to two puppies just before the awards show.

"For those asking.. I was planning on going to AMA this year but Bambi went into labor so I'm here taking care of puppies," Kylie tweeted, shortly before the show was set to air.

The more the merrier, right?

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