Kylie Jenner likely grew up eating the food cooked by her family's chef. Wealthy, famous people don't need to labor over a kitchen stove each night.

And yet, since either Kylie took up a genuine interest in preparing her own meals or she wants people to think she cares, she and her team have developed a cooking segment for her app. Cooking With Kylie walks subscribers through the painstaking task of creating a home-cooked meal (or so it seems. You have to pay to see the episodes, and so far there have only been two, including the one released today).

Episode 2 of Cooking With Kylie features Karrueche Tran, who thankfully posted the video (for free!) online, giving the rest of the world the option of watching her guide Kylie through cooking some highly-seasoned shrimp tacos and guacamole.

Karrueche has an engaging personality, a nice counterpart to Kylie’s super-chill, awkward energy. (At one point Karrueche directs Kylie to cut up the already peeled and deveined shrimp, to which Kylie responds, “Cute." She then cuts the shrimp with her delicate, near-limp hands.)

For those of you without six minutes of your life to spare, we've compiled screenshots of Cooking With Kylie's best parts:

Here, beautiful Kylie shoots an uneasy look at a container of Old Bay:

Karrueche Kylie

Kylie re-ties her drawstring as she stares at a plate that Karrueche lined with paper towels:


Here, Kylie pours half a vat of canola oil into a frying pan as Karrueche glances over and urgently stops her, saying, "THAT'S GOOD!"


Karrueche continues doing the actual work:


Finally, they both enjoy the fruit of Karrueche's their labor, right after Kylie jokingly orders the camera to pan away.


Check out the full video above to see Cooking With Kylie, which should maybe be renamed to Cooking Next to Kylie.

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