Kylie Jenner has wasted no time in further cementing Kylie Cosmetics as this generation's premier makeup brand. Continuing her foray into eye products, Kylie has added the appropriately titled "KyLiner" eyeliner kit to her growing line of cosmetics.

Kylie posted about the brand new product — which includes a pencil liner, gel pot and full-sized brush — on Instagram yesterday (August 22), noting that the eyeliners come in both black and (Kylie's preferred!!) brown shades.

Hopefully the "KyLiner" kits won't go too quickly, but don't hold your breath: As with all of her past products, Kylie’s last release -- her “KyShadow” eye shadow palette -- sold out in one minute upon its initial unveiling. The running theory is that the reality star possibly keeps a low number of products stocked at any given time (particularly when an item goes on sale for the first time) to create the allure of high demand. It sure works on me some people!

As of one hour before the product launch, there was no word on how much a "KyLiner" kit might set you back, because Kylie apparently prefers to keep her consumers in the dark, price-wise, until the very last minute -- another smart decision on her end. By the time you secure a highly coveted "KyLiner" kit in your cart, what are the odds you'll balk at a high price point, you know?

Kylie's "KyLiner" will be available at 6pm EST today (August 23). Head over to Kylie Cosmetics and refresh until your fingers bleed!

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