Lady Gaga may be releasing an accompanying 'ARTPOP' app this November, but that doesn't mean it is relegated to or best left to the digital realm. The singer took to Twitter to share some lyrics and a fake 'Applause' snippet -- and to tell fans how to listen to the record properly.

Mommy Monster also tweeted lyrics to a song called 'Mary Jane Holland,' which, judging from the words she shared, looks like it is a celebration of toking up. Gaga is known to be fan of the green stuff -- on stage and in public.

She also asked her little monsters to help her beloved father Joe Germanotta celebrate his birthday yesterday (Aug. 9).

So after going dark in the Twitterverse for a few weeks, she is back to full communication mode.

Oh, and about that snippet of music? She said it was a taste of 'Applause,' which drops on Aug. 19, but it was really just a stuffed animal making a noise that would cause dogs to bay at the moon.

Below are Gaga's tweets about 'ARTPOP' and more. She is nothing if not informative and generous with information.

Listen to a 'Snippet' of Lady Gaga's 'Applause'