As we previously reported, Lady Gaga and Cher have teamed up for the new song, 'The Greatest Thing,' and now, according to the 'Burlesque' star, the pop divas are set to release the single in September.

On Wednesday, a fan asked Cher when the duet would be available, and the 65-year-old singer simply replied: "SEPTEMBER." An exact date of release was not revealed, so little monsters all over could be dancing to the track as early as two weeks from now.

The song, written by Gaga and producer RedOne, will be the lead single for Cher's 26th (yes, 26th) album, however, a release date has yet to be set for the LP. On July 20, Cher excitedly tweeted about the collaboration, writing: “Can’t wait till GaGa puts her Voice on “The Greatest Thing” SHE WILL ROCK IT SO FKNG HARD!”

A demo of 'The Greatest Thing' was posted on YouTube on July 15 with Gaga fronting vocals for the mid-tempo track. We can already envision what the duo's harmonizing voices and belted bridge will sound like...

Cher and Gaga shared the stage at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards, when the actress/singer presented Gaga with her moonman for Video of the Year.

Listen to Lady Gaga's 'The Greatest Thing' Demo