A 30-second preview of Lady Gaga's guest spot on 'The Simpsons' has landed -- and true to form, the Mother Monster wears four different outfits in this short teaser.

It was revealed that Gaga would wear a total of 18 ensembles in the episode and she cycles through four in less than a minute. Fashion Brilliance, we say! Make that Amen Fashion Brilliance, to use Gaga-speak.

The outfits are the famed meat dress, a dress made of blue birds, a fire-shooting cone bra (aimed at Springfield's favorite God fearing nebbish Ned Flanders, pictured above) and a bikini outfit with thigh high, turquoise platforms.

Gaga roars into town on the pink Gaga Express and calls all of Springfield her little monsters.

The funniest moment happen when the characters interact directly with Gaga and her persona. Grandpa Abe Simpson calls her "Lady Zsa Zsa," as in Zsa Zsa Gabor, since that's his senior citizen frame of reference. Little Maggie Simpson wears Gaga's platforms and pacifier pasties. So freakin' cute!

Homer also chows down on her meat dress. What, you didn't expect Homer to pass up meat, did you?

We half expect Gaga to wear a donut dress or one made out of filled Duff beer cans.

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