Ryan Murphy and Lady Gaga's working relationship might be expanding very soon.

Following her Golden Globe-winning turn on American Horror Story: Hotel and this season's creepy Roanoke jaunt in the woods, it's very possible that Gaga may now be reuniting with Murphy on a different franchise in the near future: American Crime Story.

The third season of the popular series, which previously tackled the O.J. Simpson trial and will cover Hurricane Katrina's aftermath in its second, is reportedly set to focus on the 1997 murder of Gianni Versace.

During Entertainment Weekly's PopFest over the weekend, Murphy appeared on a panel and was discussing the two upcoming seasons when the moderator added that Gaga would be "the perfect Donatella."

"Ya think?" Murphy replied with a grin, according to EW.

“The tragedy of the Versace murder was that it should not have happened. He should have been caught by then. But he wasn’t caught because he was targeting gay people, and people didn’t care. That’s why Gianni Versace was killed, for the most part. So it’s a really tragic story and I’ve always said the thing that makes me cry the most in the world is lost potential, or lost possibility, and I think he was such an amazing force taken too soon for reasons which he shouldn’t have been," Murphy further explained about the reason behind the forthcoming season of Crime Story.

It sure would be a natural fit, considering the two have become fast friends over the years — hell, Joanne's even recorded a theme song for the role in advance. Get that ARTPOP promo, Gaga!