Mother Monster brought her short-but-sweet Bud Light Dive Bar Tour to a crashing close last night (Oct. 27) in Los Angeles at The Satellite on the final stop of her jaunt 'round the country to promote her latest studio album, Joanne.

During her final set, Gaga performed Joanne album tracks "Come to Mama," "John Wayne," "Angel Down" — during which she changed some of the lyrics at the very end to "Trayvon Angel" in honor of Trayvon Martin — and title track "Joanne," as well as current single(s) "Perfect Illusion," "A-Yo," and "Million Reasons."

Before singing "Angel Down," Gaga spoke to the crowd about the upcoming election: "I really hope that that is a peaceful day, as much as it can be. I pray that on that day we all understand that not everybody is gonna vote for the same person. Everybody has different ideas and thoughts and that’s okay. We don't have to hate each other because of that," she explained.

"What we have to do is come together. And the reason is because there are a lot of people suffering and there are too many angels down, so let’s not focus on the hate."

Make sure to watch until the very end — it's a real soakin' hot performance.

Watch Gaga's final Dive Bar Tour performance below.

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