Lady Gaga's Joanne has surfaced slightly ahead of schedule — and it's all because of a retailer in Europe.

In case you haven't noticed the panicked shrieks and screams of Little Monsters from 'round the world on Twitter and beyond, Mother Monster's fifth solo studio LP (code name: #LG5) has arrived on the Internet a few days short of its October 21 release date.

According to fans, the physical edition already hit shelves early in Belgium and is freely available to purchase now — which is the same thing that happened when Britney Spears' Glory hit shelves early at a Mexican retailer in August.

The album includes previously released lead single "Perfect Illusion" and slow jam "Million Reasons," as well as the lively "A-YO," which she performed live during her Budweiser Dive Bar Tour. Mirror on the ceiling!

Little Monsters who were lucky enough to win entry into an early listen of Joanne in New York City last month told us that the album largely skews country-rock.

Check out panicked fan reactions below. And for you obedient Little Monsters, stay strong and pre-order Joanne on iTunes.

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