Those hoping "Perfect Illusion" may have been an #LG5 anomaly, that that Lady Gaga's next LP will still have an Artpop-type flare: you're very likely out of luck.

Last night (September 20), while most Little Monsters were busy feasting their eyes on the brand new video for Gaga's latest single, others were hard at work collecting some serious Joanne intel at an intimate album listening party attended by at least 100 fellow fans in New York City.

One fan in attendance at the party tells PopCrush that the album "was sorta if you took Dolly Parton, Lily Allen, Beck and Bruno Mars and threw them into a blender," calling it "an incredibly emotional, personal album for her. Definitely one that shows growth as an artist and in confidence."

"Honestly it wasn't what I was expecting. It's a very country rock pop influenced album."

However, don't expect any "techno dance songs or anything like that...but there are some POPPING club jams." So will Joanne still be a fan-pleaser?

"I think they will love it if they are open to seeing her grow as an artist like Beck has. Beck has played around with so many different genres and this definitely does that," they explained to us. "Based off first listen I'd rank this as a tie to Born This Waywhich is one of my fave albums from her."

Another fan called the album "impeccable," and tells PopCrush that the album has "a pretty good blend in production, very live instrument focused...a lot of guitars," with "a crossover moment" that could work at country radio — and even "a reggae one."

"If they love Amy Winehouse and Stevie Nicks they'll love this. It's that type of record," they explained.

Other Little Monsters have spilled more freely (as their hair) on social media: @loueTieT, a protected account whose tweets have been posted by @NotTylerOakley, claimed to have been at the album listening party as well, and shared a few critical details with followers.

First came the Joanne track listing, which includes Gaga's previously mentioned "Hey Girl" featuring Florence Welch and additional songs called "Diamond Heart," "Angel Down," "Ayo," "Million Reasons," "Pinot Girls," "Sinners Prayer," "Come to Mama" and "Just Another Day."

Next, @loueTieT insisted that the album is a total departure from pop ("you're s--- out of luck" if that's what you're looking for, he said). Instead, you'll get "rawness and vocals and instruments."

More concretely Joanne will deliver an unabashed, country-heavy tone from Gaga, he noted: "To sum up the record in one word: Country." And, as far as any potential standout tracks are concerned, @louTieT hinted that "Million Reasons is going to SCALP you all."

(If you're keeping count, the aforementioned titles paired with previously announced "Joanne" and "Perfect Illusion" add up to 11 total tracks.)

Gaga previously hinted at a country tone during a September 15 interview with Zane Lowe, and said family stories have influenced Joanne tremendously.

"As I returned to my home life and spending time with my friends and family and getting out of the mainstream limelight for a minute, the experiences of our family and our challenges that make us who we are," she said.

Joanne is set for release on October 21.

In for some Gaga-gone-country? Share your thoughts, and whether you'd be into the concept, in the comments.

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