Lady Gaga and Emma Bunton just got to know each other a little bit more intimately.

Early this morning (September 9), Emma posted an Instagram video from a Heart FM Breakfast set in which she and Gaga tackled the Spice Girls' famously racy 1996 single "2 Become 1." And here, breakfast was a dish served steamy.

"I need some love like I never needed love before," the new duo sang in unison before Gaga nuzzled up to Bunton's ear and delivered the very forthright "I wanna make love to you, baby." Morning radio: no longer just about the traffic reports or weekend forecast.

"2 Become 1" also became a bit of a pro-prophylactic anthem upon its release for its "Put it on, baby, put it on" instruction, but the ladies' new version sadly stopped short of the line. We're inclined to believe they'd still like for you to practice safe sex, please and thank you.

Elsewhere, both singers have lots going on — Gaga just released her brand new "Perfect Illusion" and noted a collaboration with Florence Welch is on the horizon. Meanwhile, Mel B has confirmed that she and Bunton will resurrect a fractional Spice Girls ensemble (Geri Horner's in, too) for the group's 20th anniversary celebration.

What do you think of the union of these two pop stars? Share your reaction in the comments.

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