Lady Gaga launched her Fame fragrance in New York City at the Guggenheim last night (Sept. 13) with a live stream of the event and the corresponding film. This all equated to one of the weirdest things we've ever witnessed in Gagaville.

The live cam offered a keyhole view of party, which was certainly a tease for little monsters who would have severed a limb to be there. She slept. She got a tattoo. She peed. And the cam caught it all.

Here's what we saw at Gaga's self-indulgent, trying-too-hard-to-be-avant-garde event, which almost felt like a jump the shark moment for her. It was a rare misstep on the Mother Monster's part. It was, in effect, too much of nothing.

Images from the campaign comprised the film. There was lots of flowing black liquid, which is appropriate, since the perfume is black. But it looked like an oil slick exploded on screen. The initial print image of the fragrance, which featured the lilliputians scaling her naked body, came to life on screen. During that scene, her name was chanted.

Then, there was live footage from the event. She stacked some Zs, like Sleeping Beauty inside a contraption that mirrored her perfume bottle, while an array of people touched her outstretched hand. She was napping on her side, fully dressed in black, bedazzled couture with a gold leaf headband, while French music blared. Nothing stirred her from her slumber, not even the constant stream of people tickling her palm. It was enough to make us reach for the anti-bac hand sanitizer.

We noticed a digital clock, embellished with the word 'Fame,' with 15 minutes in neon characters. Clearly, it was a reference to Andy Warhol idea of 15 minutes of fame.

Gaga then woke up, peed in a pail and got a tattoo of an angel on the back of her head. So that's why she shaved it!

Overall, this event felt very esoteric and wasn't as engaging as nearly everything Gaga does. Like we said, a rare misstep for her.

Lady Gaga Perfume Launch

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