Lady Gaga covers the February 2014 issue of Canada's Fashion, looking like the epitome of nerdy chic with her weird, black librarian glasses that don't quite seem like a device meant to enhance vision, simply because they aren't positioned in front of her eyes.

The one-eyed stare, paired with Twiggy-like lashes and mod pink lips, is striking.

Ma Monster also revealed how she found love with her hunky BF, 'Chicago Fire' star Taylor Kinney.

It didn't come easy. Gaga had to cycle through a lot of bad men to learn to appreciate a good one, which Kinney, her 'You & I' co-star, undoubtedly is. But like anything worth having in life, love is worth fighting for.

"It has been hard for me to find it but I have found love," Gaga confessed. "When you meet someone that’s not intimidated by the amazing people that are around you [or] by the love that you receive—that’s love. Men weren’t always happy for me. It was very challenging to watch a woman be so successful."

Gaga also commented on how fashion has become so closely tied to her career and her image, insisting that it's no marketing ploy cooked up in a record label conference room by a bunch of suits removed from the streets.

She said, "No matter what happens with my music and wherever I go that—that heart of that glamorous girl in New York will never be gone. This is who I am and its never been an act and its never been marketing. This is me all the way to my core and fashion is a big part of my life."

While 'ARTPOP' has underperformed as an album, Gaga isn't feeling that it's of any less value.

"I put all my pain into my work and as joyful as this album is, this joy and if you look at the album cover there’s an explosion of joy that is coming from a place of intense sadness that’s been in my heart since I was younger and this is why we understand each other because I was not born happy, naturally always joyful or believing in myself. I was born with a sad heart. I didn’t feel alive unless I was on a stage," she explained.