Move over, Katy Perry. Lady Gaga is starting her run of "magazine cover dominance" while promoting her much-anticipated album, 'ARTPOP.' Her latest covers include the December issue of Glamour, which is the mag's annual Women of the Year issue, as well as the cover of the U.K. publication Attitude.

She's rocking two distinct looks – Gaga don't do repeats —but each is arresting and striking in its own right.

For Glamour, Gaga goes '80s, thanks to the crimped golden locks and shimmery bathrobe-style dress, sinching her waist and showing off her figure. It's a scaled down Gaga, stylistically speaking, but it's still incredibly attention seeking, thanks to her hair and that "no makeup" makeup looks she is sporting. She didn't need tons of product on her face, since she's got "statement" hair.

Dare we say that Mommy Monster looks... normal?

For Attitude, yarn-like, white dreads are piled high atop her head, and she's rocking a jeweled pair of goggles. She feels from another era, but in a punk rock way, summoning memories of 4 Non Blondes, featuring Linda Perry, the songwriter who's aided Pink and Xtina with their hits.

PopCrushers and little monsters, which cover do you like better and why? Let us know in the comments below.

Lady Gaga Attitude Cover