Sad news for Lady Gaga and the Germanotta family. The Mother Monster's godfather has died.

Gaga posted a tweet sharing the news of her loss, along with a photo of her godfather cradling her in his arms when she was a newborn. Look how proud he is! Little did he know that the infant in his arms would grow up to be a major pop superstar.

It's a far cry from the nude photo she shared via her site yesterday. She really has been sharing quite a bit with her little monsters via her new social networking site, from clothes-free shots to old-school family images. It's certainly a way to get to know both Gaga and her friends and family on a more intimate level.

Gaga is from a tight-knit, traditional Italian family, where the role of a godparent is a critical one, often more important than that of a blood relative since a godparent is chosen. Haven't you ever seen the movie? The Mother Monster obviously loved her godfather and is likely going through a rough time right now, so our thoughts are with her.

Gaga's tweet on her loss is as follows: "My godfather died yesterday, sweet man I love him. That's me, just a lil baby in his arms. Buono note."

"Buono note" loosely translates to "good night" in Italian. What a loving sendoff to a key figure in Lady Gaga's life. R.I.P.

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