Lady Gaga holds nothing back from her little monsters. And we do mean nothing. There is nothing between them, not even clothes. At least in this photo! The Mother Monster felt daring and generous enough to share a photo of herself clad only in her birthday suit. Oh, she's such an exhibitionist!

The photo is of Gaga as naked as the day she was born, with long, platinum hair flowing and tumbling over her shoulders, while seated in an a comfy, overstuffed chair. Her knees are oh so strategically placed. Even though she is showing most of her skin, she still keeps her Lady parts somewhat covered. We've had to censor the photo just a tad to keep it as SFW as possible. She looks to be wearing dental-floss sized undies.

It's an artsy image of Gaga, even if she appears to be in a hotel and bathed in some pretty horrible light. Can't you just envision Tony Bennett sketching? She's rocking a similar pose.

Gaga has been opening up her personal photo album and allowing her monsters access to so many personal pictures lately… although you'd be hard-pressed to find one more personal than this! First she offered up the shot of her and boyfriend "T" aka Taylor Kinney. Then she showed off her own point and shoot handiwork with Lindsay Lohan. Now this!

Doesn't she look like a Botticelli goddess?

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