Lady Gaga, an artist who is currently going by the name Joanne and once famously tweeted "#StopTheDramaStartTheMusic," is using her Twitter account to once again clap back at her haters this era.

After shouting out The Chainsmokers in a tweet following their less-than-glowing assessment of "Perfect Illusion" ("sucks,” says Alex Pall) and reacting to The Black Keys' Patrick Carney's review ("it sounds like Hulk Hogan is playing the f--king guitar"), Gaga is once again responding to someone with a negative opinion of her new music: The New York Times' Jon Caramanica, whose review of Joanne is, well, brutal.

"[Joanne is] confused, full of songs that feel like concepts in search of a home, small theater pieces extruded from other imaginary productions and collected in one miscellany bin. It’s naïve in its use of roots music and rock as signifiers of something true — as if the excess of years past wasn’t, somehow, its own form of sincerity," Caramanica wrote.

"On Joanne, she goes on a fishing expedition for inspiration. No pop album in recent memory has featured such a wide array of collaborations that strip those collaborators of their particular charms."

Oof. Lady Gaga (Joanne) evidently saw the review last night, and reacted — in the form of tweeting.

"@joncaramanica how far must ANYONE need to 🎣4 inspiration & write a song re: the tragic murder of Trayvon Martin as I did w/ 'Angel Down'," she wrote last night, adding: "@joncaramanica I'll be performing that song tonight in honor of
#BlackLivesMatter as I'm honored by YOUR publication. Tune in Jon.👂🏿#JOANNE."

Her fans, of course, followed suit. And as of today (Oct. 20), she was still reacting: "don't pay attention he has been brutal for YEARS, meaningless. Don't let it bring you down this is OUR time to celebrate!🎉🎉," Gaga assured one Little Monster.

Ironically, the New York Times review also pointed out her recent tweet to The Chainsmokers in its final sentence: "Instead of taking offense and tossing off a tweet, she should maybe give them a call."

Joanne, which accidentally surfaced early after hitting retailer shelves in Europe this week, will be released tomorrow (Oct. 21). Tonight (Oct. 20), Gaga will perform in New York City on the latest stop of her Bud Light Dive Bar Tour.

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