Last week, Lady Gaga performed encased in some sort of glass enclosure on 'A Current Affair' in Australia, which is not the same as the tabloid TV show that aired in America in the late '80s. Wearing an insane piece of head gear that looked like blue tentacles growing out of her scalp, Gaga performed a medley of her recent hits on piano. Instead of a dance fest, it was just Gaga and her keys re-imagining her pretty pop songs for the first four minutes.

Mother Monster began by slowing down 'Born This Way,' transforming the song into a lounge version. We are tickled that Gaga is continually reinventing this universal pop tune. Obviously, the original is a modern disco anthem that she also morphed into a country song a few months back.

'Born This Way' bled into 'The Edge of Glory,' which she performed with the expected dose of drama and emotion; it's like she was singing to her late grandfather, who inspired the song, and the late Clarence Clemons, who laid down the sax solo. The real question is how the hell does she play piano with those dagger-like acrylic nails? It's hard to wipe your eyes or button a shirt with talons like that, yet Gaga doesn't miss a note when she tickles the ivories. She removed the headpiece, revealing a finger-wave blue bob as dancers showed up, gyrating against the glass case that housed Gaga.

The diva touched herself suggestively at the end before launching into 'You & I,' which makes us think this may be the next single she's been teasing about; she's performed it live multiple times over the past few weeks. She again swapped out lyrics, singing, "Something about my cool Australia guy" rather than her "cool Nebraska guy." Making love to the crowd is Gaga's specialty.

Notice that no two Gaga TV appearances in foreign countries are similar, much less the same. She was a panda on a Japanese show, and she wore a blue wig and merkin on the MuchMusic Awards. Gaga always keeps us guessing and visually stimulated by her look.

Watch Lady Gaga Perform on 'A Current Affair' in Australia