Lady Gaga debuted a brand new piano ballad called 'Princess Die' at the Melbourne, Australia stop of her Born This Wall Ball tour last night (June 26). Gaga specifically spelled out the title, confirming that it is indeed "die." It's also a play on the name of the late Princess Diana, affectionately dubbed Princess Di.

The song is incredibly melancholy, and Gaga played it while seated at her motorcycle-shaped piano. The Mother Monster said she is not sure whether or not 'Princess Die' will appear on her new album, the title of which she will share in September. She did acknowledge that the song is "sad" but insisted that despite this tune's tone, her new album will not be somber or downtrodden.

Sample lyrics for 'Princess Die' are:

"Leave the coffin when I go / Leave my paws and lipstick on so everybody knows" and "Wish that I was strong wish / I wish that I was wrong / I wish that I could cope / But I took pills and left a note."

The hook is this: "I'll be a Princess Die / And die with you."

The song is the stylistic opposite of the recently leaked studio version of the "old" track 'Glitter & Grease,' which she has performed live in the past.

So tell us what you think, little monsters. Do you dig 'Princess Die?'

Listen to Lady Gaga, 'Princess Die'