Hey, little monsters, is it just us or have we been talking about Lady Gaga's yet-to-be-released 'Marry the Night' video for what feels like forevs? The Mother Monster recently tweeted a still photo from the video shoot, which is super creepy, and this teaser image further upped our already raging curiosity level for the video.

Gaga tweeted this message with the photo: "It's Not that I've been Dishonest, It's Just that I Loathe Reality." We know that Gaga happily lives in the purgatory or Middle Earth, depending on your perspective, between fantasy and reality at all times, and this is a competent explanation of why.

The photo shows Gaga wearing a Jo Calderone 'do and off-white mary janes; she is laying on a hospital gurney and being wheeled down a carpeted hallway that looks absolutely nothing like a hospital. Gaga's surrounded by two nurses in white dresses with seafoam green hair nets. The walls and carpet of the hall remind us of 'The Shining.' Creepy and intriguing, right?

The video was shot in Gaga's native New York and she was gyrating on a car during the rooftop shoot. She also recently revealed that she directed the video herself. But the one thing we don't know is when this thing is going to premiere!

We're slightly impatient, but we know it's going to blow the roof off, so we'll just enjoy looking for context clues about the video via this still.