Lady Gaga's manager Troy Carter referred to the Mother Monster as a "200 pound toddler" while giving a keynote interview for Music Matters. It was a metaphor and when not taken out of context, he was basically saying that while she's a huge star, she's he hasn't fully made it yet.

Obviously, he is saying that she is just getting started and has much more ground to cover, all the while being a big star. While most little monsters and the media view her as the biggest pop star there is, he views her at the beginning of her climb.

Carter first said, "As big as she has become, globally, she is still a developing act. So we have to treat her as a developing act. She has to spend time in a market. We look at it as an investment." He speaks about his black boy band Mindless Behavior, who are in their infancy, and that Gaga is a full-time job for him, taking up about 90 percent of his time. So he's like a parent.

When the interviewer asks if Gaga has made it, he says, "She's a 200 pound toddler" at the 30:47 mark. He continues, "The truth is, and it's the reason why when we come to Singapore, we are going to be in Singapore for little over a week. It was important not to come into a market and playing really quick and going to another market. It's about diving deep."

Not surprisingly, stories about Gaga's "weight gain" while on the Born This Way Ball tour are popping up, too.  Entertainment Wise reports that fans think she looks "horrible" and that she has a muffin top and wears costumes that don't fit her shape.

Ugh. Take a look at Gaga. She's tight and toned. All that dancing she does on the tour keep her in shape.

If you have time, take a listen to Carter's interview. It's informative about the music business and about how he handles multiple aspects of his famous client's career. And his toddler statement was just a metaphor, people.

She is fabulous as is.

Watch Troy Carter's Interview With Music Matters

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