In the black and white promo spots for her performance at the 2011 VMAs, which air on Sunday, Aug. 28, Lady Gaga gives her epic, piano-driven new single 'You & I' a jazzy, loungey makeover. With heavy, blunt bangs, a long blond wig, multiple strands of pearls, a black blazer and super-sized sunglasses, Gaga tickles the ivories and even removes her bra while performing in these two promo spots.

She gives new meaning to the term "stripping down" her music, right?

In the first, 30-second clip, she performs a jazzed out rendition of 'You & I,' the video of which leaked earlier this week, and says something poignant: "Art is this huge lie, this big giant lie. We sing it, we dance it and we dress it everyday." She then says that she and her friends hope to "someday tell it enough so it becomes true."

In the extended, 45-second clip, Gaga performs that same sultry, jazz club version of 'You & I' with a and talks about what inspires her to write music, saying, "Sometimes I'm happy and I write music and sometimes, I'm really angry. Sometimes I'm really drunk and sometimes I'm super sober, You never know why or if or how you write music." This is where she literally strips down here, removing her black bra. Gaga truly has no inhibitions.

Gaga will appear in an MTV on-air special tonight, titled 'MTV First: Lady Gaga.'

Watch Lady Gaga 2011 VMAs Promo Clip 1

Watch Lady Gaga 2011 VMAs Promo Clip 2