Lena Dunham, known for her boundaries-pushing 'Girls,' took her artistic expression a step further by lip-syncing to Sia's 'Chandelier' on 'Late Night' last night (June 9).

Dressed in all white and sporting a Sia-esque blonde wig, the actress totally embraced the avant-garde performance, punching through walls and dancing erratically. Sia, meanwhile, lay facedown in a bunk bed behind Lena. (For those in doubt that Sia was actually in the bed, look closely for the white microphone camouflaged underneath it.)

While Sia's vocals were breathtaking, as always, we couldn't help but love Lena's commitment to the dance aspect of the performance. Be it sucking her thumb, spinning in circles or tossing toilet paper around the all-white set, she totally committed to the role.

Yesterday Lena teased the performance on Instagram, sharing a picture of herself wearing the Sia wig. While we were intrigued, we definitely never saw this coming!

Check out Lena and Sia's performance of 'Chandelier' in the video above!