Liam Payne, one-fifth of One Direction is no longer a teenager, but he's still so cute we can barely stand it it.

We decided to gawk over pictures of his handsome face and enjoy ourselves while stanning Instagram pics of his antics. Then we decided to compile our favorite pics to share with you.

We feel compelled to issue this warning, however. You will be clutching your swiftly beating heart as you look at these pics. While Harry Styles gets the lion's share of the attention for his cuteness, Liam Payne is the unsung hero of 1D in the looks department.

Here, he swims, plays guitar and shows off his big feet.

Thumbs up!

Hey Liam, sing us a love song while you play that guitar.

My Liam, what big feet you have! Directioners, even his feet are cute, right?

Counting stars with the equally handsome Harry Styles.

Lost in thought...pensive and still cute! He looks like he's eating that finger.

Out for a swim.

Roller Coastering! Check out that face!

Wow, there is actually someone out there who is cuter than Liam Payne.

A hug from a bro!